> >>> In addition there is Web Services for Tcl:
> >>> http://members.cox.net/~gerald.lester/WebServicesForTcl.html
> >>>
> >>> I have not used it at all, so I can't offer any opinion...however it does
> >>> look like it uses tdom.
> >>
> >> Right Web Services for Tcl requires Tcl 8.5 and tclhttpd, it doesn't work 
> >> with
> >> AOLserver.
> >
> Besides, Web Services for Tcl is based upon the TclOO package by Donal
> K. Fellows which is not (besides other issues) multi-threading/
> AOLServer compatible (no serializer etc.)

huh? Where did you get that it is based on TclOO? TclOO isn't even out yet. And 
where did
you get that TclOO is not compatible with aolserver...just curious (I haven't 
tried it myself within aolserver). It should be thread safe, as far as I'm 
aware (although I don't believe it is fully implemented yet, so you never know).

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