On 19/08/2008, at 10:13 AM, Jeff Rogers wrote:
John Caruso wrote:

The system needs to be free to do some things to improve performance with the understanding that the user needs to be aware of those things or risk bad behaviour. I wouldn't call it an unreasonable assumption that a file with the same name (and same modtime etc) is the same file. You can run into a very similar problem with NFS (i.e., attribute caching causing a modified file to appear not so) and people have learned to deal with that.

the problem is that this can occur even if the filename is changed, and I'd argue that pretty convincingly violates the principle of least surprise.

yes, of course the system needs to make some assumptions about what it can optimise, but if the contents of /tmp/userinfo-71562 might get served back when I've asked for /tmp/userinfo-61453 then there's something wrong.


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