Op Sat, 23 Aug 2008, schreef Daniël Mantione:


Ipv6 is becoming more important, with only only a few years of ipv4 address space left and governments starting to require it when doing business with them.

I'm running ipv6 myself for a while now, but my webservers are still ipv4 only, because they run ipv4. So, I wrote a patch, downloadable here:


... it applies against AOLserver-cvs.

After applying the patch, AOLserver uses AF_INET6 rather than AF_INET. While of course, experimental, AOLserver seems to serve pages perfectly fine on both ipv4 and ipv6, with no impact on configuration files, or TCL code. Everywhere you could use an ipv4 address before, it now simply accepts both.


No comments?

I would like to have this into cvs after review.


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