I'm trying to set up an ns_register_proc to redirect requests to what used to be a separate website that now points to mine to a directory on my site. (The client does not want to use a virtual server.)

My plan is to test the host of the connection and ns_returnredirect if it matches the formerly-separate host.

The docs at:
"The conn argument will be filled automatically with the connection information."
so I expected it to be an ns_set or array, but it does not seem to be.
It contains "cns0" on the first use after a server restart, then "cns1", "cns2" on following uses.

Can someone give me a hint how to use the conn argument in:

ns_register_proc GET /* misaEast AAA BBB
proc misaEast { conn {arg1 one} {arg2 two} } {

I've also tried using [ns_conn host] within the proc but it just returns "". Other ns_conn options, including url and location, return the expected values. Is there a way around this?

Should what I am trying to do be done a different way?

Thank you,

Eric Lee

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