I'm managing to get AOLserver 4.5 on FreeBSD 7.0 amd64 to crash every few
I've upgraded from 4.0.10 on i386 which ran great for years.

GDB gives

#0  0x0000000800df3fec in thr_kill () from /lib/libc.so.7
[New Thread 0x80380c290 (LWP 100737)]
[New Thread 0x804560120 (LWP 100728)]
[New Thread 0x80380c850 (LWP 100725)]
[New Thread 0x80380c570 (LWP 100423)]
[New Thread 0x8016150f0 (LWP 100789)]
[New Thread 0x801614f80 (LWP 100788)]
[New Thread 0x801614e10 (LWP 100787)]
[New Thread 0x801614ca0 (LWP 100735)]
[New Thread 0x801614b30 (LWP 100734)]
[New Thread 0x8016149c0 (LWP 100733)]
[New Thread 0x801614850 (LWP 100732)]
[New Thread 0x8016146e0 (LWP 100731)]
[New Thread 0x801614570 (LWP 100730)]
[New Thread 0x801614400 (LWP 100322)]
[New Thread 0x801614290 (LWP 100471)]
[New Thread 0x801614120 (LWP 100341)]
[New Thread 0x8010016e0 (LWP 100211)]
[New Thread 0x801001570 (LWP 100210)]
[New Thread 0x801001400 (LWP 100209)]
[New Thread 0x801001290 (LWP 100206)]
[New Thread 0x801001120 (LWP 100311)]

I've not bulit nsd with debugging symbols which I guess is the next thing I
should do.

To folk more knowledgeable than me does this give any hints as to whether
its a FreeBSD threading thing or a problem with AOLserver ?
What should I do next to track down the problem ?

Many thanks

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