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Thanks to all who worked on making it available.

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Dossy Shiobara wrote:
We are pleased to announce the availability of AOLserver 4.5.1. This
release is mostly a bug-fix and maintenance release, and offers enhanced
functionality and scalability and improved documentation and
portability. AOLserver compiles with Tcl 8.4.* and 8.5.*.

The most important changes are:

    * improved behavior under high load, when running out of resources
    * better interface to Tcl I/O functions through providing access to
Tcl file handles (allows asynchronous delivery)
    * built-in version of ns_cache backward compatible with the old (now
obsolete) aolserver module.
    * various fixes for the build process

For more information on the changes in this version please refer to the
release notes and ChangeLog in the source distribution.

The following people have contributed to AOLserver 4.5.1 (in
alphabetical order):

    * Michael Andrews
    * Jim Davidson
    * Nathan Folkman
    * Tom Jackson
    * Gustaf Neumann
    * Jeff Rogers
    * Bas Scheffers
    * Dossy Shiobara
    * Daniel P. Stasinski


I'd like to give special thanks to Gustaf Neumann who prepared and
assembled the 4.5.1 release.

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