Alexey Pechnikov wrote:

So AOL 4.5 doesn't work with exec and may be nspostgres. And gettimeofday system call is produce segfault too:

I run both Uptime and Myturl, which abuses nspostgres, exec, and various other fun bits of AOLserver and TCL ( in addition to the abuse my sad programming skills inflect on anything ). Aolserver 4.5 places nice with all of them. Debian is my main server platform, while I do my dev work for both web services on OpenSUSE ( running on an AMD64 ). I have seen none of the problems you have mentioned.

Sorry, if I missed how you installed AOLserver and the various bits but did you install from a repository, build from source ? What steps did you follow? How are you starting AOLserver, are you setting anything like LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH, etc. in your startup script?

It seems your problem is in how AOLserver was installed and not a specific problem in AOLserver itself.

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