Agustin Lopez wrote:
> Hello!
> I have in production six aolserver serving one OpenACS cluster.
> The aolserver works well. We have only one big problem.
> When I try to do some big memory operations which
> need > 400 MB, probably the server crash with the log message
> "unable to realloc XXXXXX bytes" or "unable to alloc XXXXXX bytes"
> Why this crash? The server have memory for that operation.
> Any way to check the free memory?
> Any solution?
> My versions are:
>   aolserver 4.5.1
>   tcllib-1.11.1
>   thread2.6.5
>   xotcl-1.6.2
> If you need some more info, please tell me.

Which operating system are you using?  You might be running into a per
process resource limit.

If you are running a Unix, look into the 'ulimit' command.


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