On Thursday 30 April 2009 03:29:41 Joseph Kondel wrote:
> Give it a look if you are unable to solve the pound issue.
> HAProxy site : http://haproxy.1wt.eu/

I did try to use HAProxy but I did find that it's work with cookies incorrect. 
HAProxy delete or rewrite server cookies which where defined by client or 
server! So it's not possible to have pre-defined cookies for all servers. I'm 
now try to patch HAProxy code but this code is not simple for me...

As example:

cookie serverid
server main check
server stable1 cookie stable1 check
server stable2 cookie stable1 check

"serverid" cookie is defined by server "main" and _isn't needed_ to modify this 
value by HAProxy. But HAProxy always damage cookies. The directive

appsession serverid len 10 timeout 3h

is not useful too. 

Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.

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