There is needed set up url for auto-redirects in config:

ns_section "ns/server/${servername}/module/nssock"
;# Port for HTTP (typically 80)
ns_param   port            $httpport 
;# This is not the same as your hostname
ns_param   hostname        $hostname 
;# This is not the same as your host addr
ns_param   address         $address 
;# URL for auto-redirects (trailing slash)
ns_param   location        "https://offline.mts.mobigroup.ru"; 

And ns_returnredirect is using "https://offline.mts.mobigroup.ru"; as protocol 
and host name and port path for all redirects. But for working by http and 
https protocols at same time and with DNS aliases is required wrapper for 

proc http_redirect {url {}} {
        ns_returnredirect [::http::location $url]

proc http_location {url {}} {
        # reverse-proxy must add X-Forwarded-Proto=https for SSL mode
        if {[string equal [ns_set get [ns_conn headers] "X-Forwarded-Proto"] 
"https"]} {
                set protocol https
        } else {
                set protocol http
        return "$protocol://[ns_set get [ns_conn headers] Host]$url"

Is it possible to decide this problem more simple? (For non-standart port is 
similar problem).

Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.

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