ns_sendmail can't work for non-ascii subject and body.
I wrote the simple wrapper. is it possible to fix upstream version
or add like wrapper?

# note: _ns_sendmail is exists!
if {[info commands orig_ns_sendmail] eq {}} {
    rename ns_sendmail orig_ns_sendmail
    package require base64
    # headers are ignored!
    proc ns_sendmail {to from subject body args} {
        set headerSet [ns_set create]
        ns_set put $headerSet Content-Type {text/plain; charset=UTF-8}
        ns_set put $headerSet Content-Transfer-Encoding base64
        ns_set put $headerSet MIME-Version 1.0

        set subject [base64::encode [encoding convertto utf-8 $subject]]
        set subject "=?UTF-8?B?${subject}?="
        set body [base64::encode [encoding convertto utf-8 $body]]
        orig_ns_sendmail $to $from $subject $body $headerSet [lindex $args 1]

Best regards, Alexey Pechnikov.

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