I've tried to compile APE server by running build.sh on Mac OS X Lion
10.7.1, Xcode 4.1.1 but it failed with the following error:

if test -d ./dist/bin ; then touch ./dist/bin/.purgecaches ; fi
gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE -Wall -g -minline-all-stringops -rdynamic -I ./deps/
udns-0.0.9/ src/entry.c src/sock.c src/hash.c src/handle_http.c src/
cmd.c src/users.c src/channel.c src/config.c src/json.c src/
json_parser.c src/plugins.c src/http.c src/extend.c src/utils.c src/
ticks.c src/base64.c src/pipe.c src/raw.c src/events.c src/
event_kqueue.c src/event_epoll.c src/event_select.c src/transports.c
src/servers.c src/dns.c src/sha1.c src/log.c src/parser.c src/md5.c -o
bin/aped -ldl -lm -lpthread ./deps/udns-0.0.9/libudns.a -I ./deps/
ld: in ./deps/udns-0.0.9/libudns.a, archive has no table of contents
for architecture x86_64
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [aped] Error 1
gcc -D_GNU_SOURCE -Wall -g -bundle -undefined suppress -flat_namespace
-o lib/libmod_spidermonkey.so libape-spidermonkey.c -I../deps/js/src/
dist/include/ -L../deps/js/src/ -ljs_static -lstdc++

Any idea/fix?


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