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Hi, Joonas!

Thank you for your answer. Actually, I tried hfst-fst2strings and it starts to consume all available RAM (8 Gb) in about 1 hour and then gives an error, that there is no enough memory.

With hfst-fst2strings you'll have to limit it somehow. You can try
--help to see the options; a common one is -c0 for no cycles (or -c1 for
at most 1).

If you just want to get the results for кеше<n>, then you can use compose intersect
as follows:

$ echo "к е ш е %<n%> ?*" | hfst-regexp2fst -o /tmp/keše.hfst
$ hfst-compose-intersect -1 /tmp/keše.hfst -2 apertium-tat/.deps/tat.RL.hfst | hfst-fst2strings -c0

You'll probably want to do some postprocessing, e.g. grep -v '\+' to get rid of clitics.


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