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> Could the SourceForge tarballs for apertium-bel, apertium-rus, and
> apertium-bel-rus be regenerated, please?
> They should:
> - be named apertium-$L-$V.tar.gz (without SVN revision)
> - contain a subdirectory apertium-$L-$V/
> - contain a pregenerated configure script


But, ideally you should not use the tarballs for anything. They're a last
resort option for ancient or weird setups that for some reason can't use
svn directly.

Tarballs will bit-rot. We know from experience that the pre-generated
configure script will stop working after a few years, whereas if you take
raw Autotools or CMake files and let the tools generate for your exact
distro and setup, then it'll work much better.

These days, all you need to know to package something is the svn (or git)
path and revision of the release. Much easier for everyone involved.

-- Tino Didriksen
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