I created a MediaWiki template for the ideas page, and migrated a couple of
idea summaries to start using it.

Here you have an example:

| name = Anaphora resolution for machine translation
| difficulty = hard
| skills = C++, XML, Python
| description = Write a program to resolve anaphora and include it in the
Apertium translation pipeline.
| rationale = Apertium has a problem with long distance dependencies in
terms of agreement and co-reference. For example, deciding          which
determiner to use when translating from Spanish "su" to English "his, her,
its". The objective of this task is to make a        system to resolve
anaphora and integrate it into a translation pipeline.
| mentors = [[User:Francis Tyers|Francis Tyers]]
| more = /Anaphora resolution

I think it'll make it easier to edit the ideas page.
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