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On 4 February 2018 at 01:03, Shardul Chiplunkar
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There is a new proposal to the PMC to move Apertium to Github:


I'm in favour.

If we move to git (Github, Gitlab, whatever), we should do it in a way
that's natural for git - which means 1 repo per package. And git has
definitely won the hearts and minds of the VCS world.

I personally strongly dislike git for other reasons, but using Github
as a git host side-steps many of those issues thanks to the Subversion

At this point I am resigned to do whatever other people want, providing
other people are going to take the load of supporting it. I don't like
git at all and I can't help people use it or set it up, but the GitHub
issue system is nice and SourceForge is really awful. So for me,
"abstain, whatever". :)


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