2018-02-13 10:16 GMT+01:00 Francis Tyers <fty...@prompsit.com>:

> Both of these are horrible. So I propose that we just make it read-only
> for a year and then delete it.
> In the meantime the migration crew (you, Sushain, others) will have the
> responsibility of fixing the ~1000 links on the Wiki so that they point to
> the right place and people don't get 404s or outdated links by clicking in
> the documentation.

I agree. I would make it read-only for a while (or deleting the content),
adding READMEs in all folders pointing to the new URLs.

> ​(P.S. As Apertium has been selected for GSoC this year (hooray!),
>> we hope this goes through as soon as possible before March 12.)​
> I agree. Basically this goes through now or we have to wait another six
> months.

Also, agree :)

I think it's a matter of the PMC to give a clear answer to the proposal.

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