2018-02-16 9:13 GMT+03:00 Francis Tyers <fty...@prompsit.com>:

> El 2018-02-14 01:38, Shardul Chiplunkar escribió:
>> Thanks for your comments.
>> Felipe, I have tried to respond to your comment on the proposal page.
>> Please let us know if you have further questions.
>> It seems that making the repository read-only and later deleting it is
>> the best option then. As Fran and Xavi said, we would go through the
>> wiki pages, READMEs, Virtualbox/Docker configs, etc. to replace
>> SourceForge links with GitHub links in the meantime.
>> Shardul C.
> Note, this will not just be replacing links, but also commands. It's no
> good
> replacing a link "svn co http://"; with the github one, and then leave a
> "svn commit". The documentation should be updated wholesale as a result of
> the move.
> This includes rewriting the contents of the Using_SVN page and deprecating
> it.

Yes, indeed. As a simple user of svn, and knowing nothing about git, I'll
be glad to have a "git for dummies" similar to the  Using_SVN page, so that
I'll be able to continue the work with my usual language pairs.

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