Dear apertiumers,

I've an idea for GSOC about subtitles. Before putting it on the wiki, I wanted to check with /yous/, as it seems that there has been previous related work [1].

In a nutshell, it is about translating subtitles from OpenSubtitles with Apertium, for closely-related pairs of languages A and B such that (i) there are mature A-->B systems in Apertium and (ii) on OpenSubtiles there are many subtitles for A and very few for B. An example is A=ES, B=CA. There could be 2 tasks:

1. Development of a tool to translate subtitles. Given a translation direction A-->B:

    1.1. Use OpenSubtitles' API to find subtitles S in A not translated yet into B

    1.2. Translate S from A to B using Apertium's API.

    1.3. Upload the translated subtitles to OpenSubtitles. These subtitles could have a preamble such as "Warning: this subtitle is machine translated! Powered by"

2. Evaluation of Apertium's quality for subtitles (for 1 or 2 translation directions) and improvements/modifications in Apertium's systems for those directions based on that evaluation.

I'd be happy to hear opinions, experiences from related previous work, criticism, etc :)

Thanks! Best,



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