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On 7 April 2018 at 11:16, Bernard Chardonneau <> wrote:
> I am not against a choice by people of Alicant university and Prompsit for
> this on-line translator to have a full control of the state of language
> pairs used on it.

There is which I believe has all usable pairs,
released and unreleased.

> > e.g. curl
> This is a json format list of link. But for the example above, we don't
> see the list of files of apertium-cat with their size, the date of their
> last change etc...

Yes it does. It contains fields such as:
  "created_at": "2018-03-08T03:04:02Z",
  "updated_at": "2018-04-07T18:41:55Z",
  "pushed_at": "2018-04-07T18:41:53Z",
where pushed_at is what you want.

You can even dump ALL Apertium Github repos and their modification
timestamps with:
...and append ?page=N until there's no more hits.

> >
> But (again) it need to execute a script on a (not too old) web browser.
> So, this page will be useless to get the list of pairs, language and
> tools directly from it's source code.

You mentioned Firefox 31, which is beyond EOL. Even the oldest supported
Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS have at least Firefox 52.

> How can you determine an Apertium tool is in USE ?

If nobody has asked me to package it, it's probably not in wide use.

> For apertium-c-formatters I used it a lot last year and this year
> (for mnemonic files). As there are sometimes interactions between
> two following lines of a mnemonic file, I found a simple idea to
> avoid them. But as now Apertium moved to Github, the normal way to
> work will be to first download a git included version (even if the
> most important files are already on my computers), and then to do the
> change.

So, I've been very active on the mailing list and IRC for many years. I
hadn't heard about apertium-c-formatters until just now. I've never even
noticed it in the repository. The last code change for that was in 2012.
That's what I would absolutely consider a dead project - nobody had talked
about it, nobody had changed it.

We'll migrate it, now that we know about it.

-- Tino Didriksen
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