El 2018-04-11 21:54, Jaume Ortolà i Font escribió:

I want to match a token like this:

^Dar# cuenta<vblex><inf>+te<prn><enc><p2><mf><sg>$

in a lexical selection rule (LRX file).

I need to check the tags on the right ("prn.enc.p2.mf.sg [1]"). Is it
possible? What is the syntax to do it?

The lexical selection module should be run after the biltrans, where
enclitic pronouns are split off (they are split off in pretransfer)

So the input would be:

  ^Dar# cuenta<vblex><inf>$ ^te<prn><enc><p2><mf><sg>$

And you can:

  <match lemma="dar# cuenta"/>
  <match tags="prn.enc.p2.mf.sg"/>


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