Or you can vote for Hillary Clinton.

Mostly everyone I am sending this too already knows  the danger
the US is in.

I am hoping this gets passed around to as many people as possible
so maybe some more  will wake up before November 9;
before it is too too late to save our country.    (along with everything
else I’ll be sending out over the next few weeks – that and my
fervent pray to our Lord each day is all I can do and my very modest
contribution to the Trump campaign)

So if you are one of those people who are so appalled by  locker
room talk spoken 11 years ago and think that should drive your
voting decision, take a look at some of these web sites.

The liberal media is throwing spaghetti  up against the wall in
the hopes of distracting you from 2 things.  The Libs/Dems
have been the biggest racist/misogynist people  in the
country.    Their hypocrisy has been outrageous
and the media has covered up for them for years.   It would
take more space and time that I can expend detailing their
corruption, lies, murders, rapes and harassment, and lets’s not
forget tax evasion.

Clinton has no plan for America except more of the same.
bigger government, higher taxes, more illegal immigration,
open borders, weak military.   That is why she hasn’t spoken
about it – she doesn’t want you to know.

Check out unbridled immigration and the effect it has had on European
society.   The population in Europe is unarmed.  There is no second
amendment.    The police are, for the most part,   handcuffed.  And
political correctness is the rule of the day.   People are cowed into silence
because they don’t want to be called racists – sound familiar?   Europe’s
media just like ours is in the tank for the one world order, open borders
globalists who basically want everyone in chains while they rule over the
whole system.   Massive immigration is a tool to control populations
and install fear and chaos in free societies.  Not to mention the fact
that jobs are stolen and treasuries are looted to hand out welfare.

The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of 
Various clips of the Islamic refugees from the Middle East and Africa that the 
media isn't showing. This is an invasion and it must be stopped.


Muslim Invasion of Europe - 
The flow of illegal migrants does not stop. They land on the Greek islands 
along the Turkish coast. They still try to get into Hungary, despite a razor 
wire fence and ...

London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan enforces sharia: There will be no more ‘body 
shaming’ adverts on the Tube
Khan just got elected not too long ago and wasted no time pushing his agenda.  
Make no mistake
folks, these guys plan to conquer, kill, rape and install their Sharia law 
everywhere they
can.   A bikini clad woman shames and demeans women but there is no shame in
beheadings, forced marriages, rape, stoning of victims of rape and other 


London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan enforces sharia: There will 
The Mayor, a father of two teenage daughters, warned the ads could “demean” 
women and encourage them to conform to unrealistic or unhealthy body shapes.

This is coming to a town near you.   That coupled with the continual
demonization of our police force who are continually told to ease up on 
criminal activity
equals  more rioting, more chaos and less security for the average American.

What is happening  in Europe will happen here.   Obama has already let in tens 
of thousands of unvettted Muslims and will bring in more.  Hillary plans to 
follow suit and more than likely will be even more prolific in passing of 
horrendous policies.   These “refugees” willget to vote and  their voice will 
cancel out yours.

Sharia Law In America - Texas, Michigan, Florida 
Sharia Law in America - Here is the current status of Islamic Sharia law in 
America, including in Texas, Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, California, Arizona, 
Oklahoma ...

Read about what Sharia law is and how it is gaining a foothold in America.

At the end of the day, ask yourself  - do you want to be free or be a slave.  
It boils
down to that.

I don’t.

Mary Seales
Natural Born Citizen

"Those who are afraid to fight will be eaten by those who are not afraid.

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