Hi guys,

I have started working n cutting a release for LDAP API.

There is not much I want to do for this release, which is quite importat
because it depends on MINA 2.0.15, which contains a critical SSL fix.

Otherwise, here are some JIRAs I want to address for this release :

* DIRAPI-259 : work in progress. We won't add some new controls in this
* DIRAPI-279 : this as to be fixed, and it's pretty trivial
* DIRAPI-237 : to be investigated
* DIRAPI-149 : a status is needed for this issue
* DIRAPI-207 : I'd like to get this fixed

I don't think we need days to get those fixed, and I hope it's going to
rain a lot this week-end to give me some time to work on that :-)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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