Hi !

I finally committed the new parser. I did my best to have the same API, so ou can use it as if it were the previous version, except that it does not use AntLR anymore.

The final performance results :

new parser, core schema parsed 100 000 times : 31s
old parser, core schema parsed  10 000 times : 100s

ratio : 32 times faster (it's a bit slower than what I said in my previous mails, but I have added various checks that slow down the parser - mainly checks on OID validity -.

Radovan, you are free to check with your various LDAP server if the code is ok for you, and if not, I'm ready to fix it.

Side notes :
- I'm now using static methods for the various schema parsers, so there is no synchronization anymore
- I found *many* errors in the previous implementation...
- the Strict mode is not as strict as it could be : we typically accept OID macros (that allows us to have things like "attributeType ( MyRootOid:2.3.4 ...)" to be used, where 'MyRootOid' is defined using a ObjectIdentifier element. This is ultra convenientt, and does not put us at risk.
- The code has been pushed in the API 2.0 branch.

I haven't yet tested Studio with this new code, this is soemthing I'll do soon.

Hope you'll find that convenient !
Emmanuel Lecharny


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