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> Looking at the following code, there is a discussion about the interface
> that handles the login information. Originally i thoguht XPropertyValue
> will be handling the login information, but that interface is just a
> container that needs to be passed to the database. When exactly the push is
> being done and by which interface? Other possibilities mentioned were
> XConnectionContext
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This is the code, is the sample code from the DevGuide about working with

// creates a new DataSource
  public static void createNewDataSource(XMultiServiceFactory _rMSF) throws
com.sun.star.uno.Exception {
      // the XSingleServiceFactory of the database context creates new
      // com.sun.star.sdb.DataSources (!)
      // retrieve the database context at the global service manager and
get its
      // XSingleServiceFactory interface
      XSingleServiceFactory xFac =

      // instantiate an empty data source at the XSingleServiceFactory
      // interface of the DatabaseContext
      Object xDs = xFac.createInstance();

      // register it with the database context
      XNamingService xServ =
(XNamingService)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XNamingService.class, xFac);
      XStorable store = (
XStorable)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XStorable.class, xDs);
      XModel model = ( XModel)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XModel.class, xDs);
      xServ.registerObject("NewDataSourceName", xDs);

      // setting the necessary data source properties
      XPropertySet xDsProps =
(XPropertySet)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XPropertySet.class, xDs);
      // Adabas D URL
      xDsProps.setPropertyValue("URL", "sdbc:adabas::MYDB1");

      // force password dialog
      xDsProps.setPropertyValue("IsPasswordRequired", new Boolean(true));

      // suggest dsadmin as user name
      xDsProps.setPropertyValue("User", "dsadmin");

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