I must correct myself:

I wrote

But: It doesn't work for com.sun.star.frame.StartModule

With an other extension I saw, it works! So I searched for the problem.

For the first try to edit the Addons.xcu I have made a mistake and I inserted the new <prop Title ...> not at the right place. So AOO doesn't read the title information and created the "Add-on 1" title. But after I corrected my mistake I uninstalled and installed my extension many times, but the title stays at "Add-on 1". The other modules that I doesn't started before shows the right name. That's why I was thinking that the title information doesn't work with the StartModule.

Now I find that the information about the title was stored in registrymodifications.xcu. I deleted the <node ...> with the title information manually - now it works as expected!

So the question and problem is: Why was the information about the (title of the) toolbar not deleted from registrymodifications after uninstalling the extension?

But my suggestion resides;

As stated in https://issues.apache.org/ooo/show_bug.cgi?id=121577#c2
"Setting the toolbar title in Addons.xcu will take precedence over the

In my opinion the "normal" way is, that a special property overwrites
the default property. So, if only one module should have a different
title, there must be only this one <Module>WindowState.xcu.

Could this behaviour be changed?

Greetings, Mathias

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