As everybody here might have guessed, I haven't been a responsive
maintainer.  I never had lots of time for Apitrace, but now it's even worse.

I wrote up about this on
https://jrfonseca.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/apitrace-maintenance.html and
added a note to the README on

I don't want let the project stall due to my responsiveness.  That said I
can't afford to let key functionality of apitrace to regress (as there are
a lot of people that depend on it).  But I'll be less picky when merging in
patches/pull-requests: as long as they don't break stuff or make my life
miserable later, I'll try to merge them unmodified as much as possible.
One can always cleanup code later -- but lots of unmerged patches is the
worse outcome.

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