Hi Elvis,


ARIN and RIPE have specific facilities for members to advertise need *and*
availability of space. ARIN has Specified Transfer Listing Service and RIPE
has its Transfer Listing Service.


APNIC only has its pre-approval list, with a means to contact those listed,
so I guess that really serves the function of advertising need.


But APNIC doesn't really have a facility for advertising space for sale, and
so by default this list acquired that function.


I did not read into the charter's description anything prohibiting postings
which advertise space available for sale, and I always figured that would be
its primary function. But it's interesting to see the charter language, and
it could be the intent was to be more discussion-based than


We have not used it much but I don't have a problem with the advertising. I
just think this list is not used much by market participants, same as ARIN
STLS is not used much.








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Subject: Re: [apnic-transfers] is this mailing list targeting discussions or
is it just a list that collects sales spam?


let's ask all brokers to brag on this list about what they can do and how
many blocks they have. shall we?

@apnic - can you tell me what is the purpose of this list? can I freely
advertise every block I get in my inventory? how often can I send e-mails to
this list before I get warned/banned?

@community - do you like receiving these kind of e-mails almost every month?
Do you find them useful? 
If not, why is nobody reacting?
If yes, would you be mad if 50 brokers decide to send similar e-mails every

The charter says "The APNIC Transfer mailing list was created to provide a
forum enabling the sources and recipients of IPv4 address transfers, as well
as IPv4 brokers, to discuss topics relevant to IPv4 transfers."

- the e-mails I see are pure sales e-mails, no topics relevant to IPv4
transfers. I call it spam sent to a mailing list and not to a bunch of


On 8/3/17 7:56 PM, Hazan, Jack wrote:

Ipv4auctions.com <http://Ipv4auctions.com>  is listing /19s. 


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Subject: [apnic-transfers] availability of /19 APNIC Block


We have 2 x/19 APNIC blocks available for permanent sale, if anybody is
interested please let me know.

Thank you


Feras Bakour, DBA

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