intrigeri has proposed merging lp:~intrigeri/apparmor/fix-resonable-typo into 

Requested reviews:
  AppArmor Developers (apparmor-dev)

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Spotted by Lintian :)
Your team AppArmor Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~intrigeri/apparmor/fix-resonable-typo into lp:apparmor.
=== modified file 'parser/apparmor_parser.pod'
--- parser/apparmor_parser.pod	2016-01-14 01:10:57 +0000
+++ parser/apparmor_parser.pod	2016-10-15 16:52:56 +0000
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@
 take days or longer to compile).
 Note: The parser is set to use a balanced default set of flags, that
-will result in resonable compression but not take excessive amounts
+will result in reasonable compression but not take excessive amounts
 of time to complete.
 Use --help=optimize to see a full list of which optimization flags are

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