Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis provides such a service -  - 

let us know how this works with your patent application - I doubt it will 
substitute for any of the phenological observations that are required, but if 
they allow it to remain as part of the application I don’t see the downside to 
having it in the record - it’s labor intensive and a bit frustrating to have to 
use the form developed nearly 100 years ago to demonstrate the uniqueness of a 
variety when we have this technology that can do it definitively and cheaply - 

David Doud - grower, Indiana - 

> On Sep 19, 2016, at 9:48 AM, lee elliott <> wrote:
> I am in the process of applying for patents on some new apple varieties and 
> think it might be a good idea to include a DNA genotype sequence to the 
> "uniqueness" description, Has anyone done this and what lab can do this? I 
> searched google and found Biogentics Lab offer this service, anybody have any 
> experience here?  What should this cost?   Lee Elliott, Upstart Nursery, 
> Winchester, Illinois
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