Art, here in northern Illinois, we reached 55 today. Here I was getting a little concerned about the over accumulation of chill hours since we were reaching around 640 since November 1, 2016. Then I ran a comparison report for the same time period for 2015/16 and at this time last year we were at 740!! In 2015 we had a very warm December, hitting near 60 on the 24th, which I had forgotten about. Looks like there's not to much to be concerned about this year unless this warm spell stretched out for several weeks and we reach the chill requirement for some varieties. Could be a colder February or March to make up for it like last year. We had a later spring last year by about two weeks.

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On 1/21/2017 12:37 PM, kellyorchards wrote:
It seems we have skipped right to March.

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