Hi Art (and everyone),
Yes, I was a much more regular contributor in the past. But then, in general, 
there was a lot more discussion going on the forum, which stimulated more 
I am happy to confirm I am alive and well, and that the apple industry in 
Ireland (small though it is) is doing reasonably well.
In 2016 there was an outstanding crop, despite the weather being only slightly 
warmer than usual. But there was moisture whenever it was needed, and 
everything just seemed to go right, with an exceptional autumn for harvest, 
with mostly dry and mild weather.
The big crop has led to its own problems with culinary apples, which are 
oversupplied, and the processors also took less than usual.
In a few weeks the growers will be giving away free "apples for tarts" apples 
prior to World Pi day (as in the number 3.14 - ratio of diameter to 
circumference of a circle), with the catch that whoever gets the free apples 
and makes the pie, must in turn give that away free. A sort of pay-it-forward 
idea that we hope gets a bit of traction.

PS Thanks to Dave for the rather comforting and (as usual) comprehensive 

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I hadn't heard from you in a while and was worried.  You used to be a regular 

Art Kelly
Kelly Orchards
Acton, Maine

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Hello to all from Ireland.
We're having a very mild winter but trees still dormant at the moment, and at 
least pruning is progressing well.
I note from the article below that the ability of public sector staff to 
contribute via a group such as this may become limited.
However I would be very hopeful that all growers make good on any deficit that 
might arise. I look forward to many years of happy discussion of all things 
Con Traas
The Apple Farm

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