Many if not most wood decay fungi are 'water molds' that need moisture and
temperature to germinate and grow.  Most latex / exterior paints are
manufactured to 'seal' things up and can increase the incidence of disease.
A WSU pathologist recommended a copper spray or adding copper to a white
wash would be better than a sealing paint. Grafters use sealants  to
encourage the scion and trunk to callus and knit together before the tissues
dry out and cease activity. Another disease management factor is if there
are a number of trees/trunks with wood decay activity in the orchard. The
more disease in the field increases risk and encourages treatment. 

Tom and Rose Auvil
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We have made some large cuts,
4-6" seems like some latex paint would be helpful (apples). 
Realize standard advice says no
But ready for advice. Thanks
77 tues forecast 15 tomorrow night in central Iowa. 

Regards, Dean

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