Not to doubt the advice regarding  "foliage feeding the cut from above"----but 
how does that relate to the theory of apical dominance we used to hear about?
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 Dean:  I use Doc Farwell’s Seal
 and Heal (green) or the similar Doc Farwell’s Grafting
 Seal on cuts thatI think will not
 heal over within two or three years if they do not slope enough to shed
 rain over theraised lip of new growth.  Wood
 rot develops on wounds that provide wet conditions favorable
 to decay. Large cuts made
 to permit grafting do not heal rapidly if there is no
 foliage feeding the cut fromabove. Observe temperature limitations
 on the label.
 David KollasKollas OrchardTolland, CT  
 On Mar 9, 2017, at
 2:47 PM, Dean <>
 We have
 made some large cuts,
 4-6" seems like some latex paint
 would be helpful (apples). 
 Realize standard advice says no
 But ready for advice.
 77 tues
 forecast 15 tomorrow night in central Iowa. 
 Regards, Dean
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