So Hugh, I hope it didn't taste "pimpled-up". Could you tell us what were the 
negatives and positives of your tasting experience?

Thanks for a good laugh.


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First of all, "Cosmic Crisp" is a stupid name, no doubt, some committee 
consisting of 500 came up with it. Sounds like a pimpled-up teen-aged 
super-hero character from another planet who gets real flakey if you mess with 
him. And by the way, he has a red outfit with a big logo on his chest with a 
yellow CC.  Secondly, it doesn't taste that good. I've tasted it two or three 
times. Third, I understand it's meant for Washington growers only, wherein WSU 
has a restriction. I not sure about this, but if true, I wonder if WSU gets any 
our federal taxes. Is so, and you want to grow it, contact your Senator.

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My understanding is that Cosmic Crisp will be an open variety in seven years.

 Numbers we were quoted for "all in" establishment costs per acre was $60,000 
on a large planting. No land acquisition costs. Land prep, trees, support, 
tractors, irrigation, machinery buildings and housing for H2A labor included. I 
do not know if overhead towards packing facility was factored in.

Mo Tougas
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Thanks for sharing this.  When WA decides on something, it’s full speed ahead.


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A good concise article on what Washington state growers are doing with Cosmic 
Crisp over the next two years - the figures are staggering -

'et cavete ab agricola’ -

'let the grower beware'…
…and the sales desks also...

David Doud - grower, IN - silver tip on early blooming varieties -
so sorry to see reports of the eastern temperatures of a couple nights ago...

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