Kurt and Mo:

                Thank you for your comments.

                If pull-out is the reason for discarding the Duckbill anchoring 
method, I wonder if a larger model would
overcome that.  The largest Duckbill model is about 12 inches long.  A second 
line of “duckbills”, also by Foresight 
Products, is called Manta Ray, and is made for increased resistance, installed 
with hydraulic jackhammer.  There 
are also options for stoney soils  (ductile iron, hot-dipped in zinc, rather 
than the standard aluminum).  However,
searches of company websites, and telephone contacts, have been short on 
pertinent,applicable value in my recent 
             The thought of trying to put auger-type anchors in my stony land 
does not appeal to me, and driving
posts has never attracted me either.  Channel iron does seem worth  trying, but 
I am hoping to find something
I could get really excited about.

Kollas Orchard, CT

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