David and All:

I remember someone burying 5 foot pieces of telephone poles, cross-wise, 
perhaps 3-5 feet deep at the end of a row.  Most of the trellises I built in 
Biglerville PA survived.

I did have a Geneva Double-Curtin grape trellis fail when, after a big wind 
storm flipped up one side of the Double-Curtin grape trellis, the terrific 
imbalance caused the posts to snap off.

Come on where are all of the experts like Jon Clements or others who are the 
experts.  I thought that one (or by now several) states had Extension Bulletins 
on this subject.

Be well, George

> On Mar 31, 2017, at 2:04 PM, David Kollas <kol...@frontier.com> wrote:
>       Kurt and Mo:
>               Thank you for your comments.
>               If pull-out is the reason for discarding the Duckbill anchoring 
> method, I wonder if a larger model would
> overcome that.  The largest Duckbill model is about 12 inches long.  A second 
> line of “duckbills”, also by Foresight 
> Products, is called Manta Ray, and is made for increased resistance, 
> installed with hydraulic jackhammer.  There 
> are also options for stoney soils  (ductile iron, hot-dipped in zinc, rather 
> than the standard aluminum).  However,
> searches of company websites, and telephone contacts, have been short on 
> pertinent,applicable value in my recent 
> efforts.
>            The thought of trying to put auger-type anchors in my stony land 
> does not appeal to me, and driving
> posts has never attracted me either.  Channel iron does seem worth  trying, 
> but I am hoping to find something
> I could get really excited about.
> David
> Kollas Orchard, CT
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