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I’m surprised no one has jumped into this yet - 

I'll take a swing at  it, be assured others will hold different opinions - 

So - I think all would agree that different varieties have different growth 
habits and so respond in differing fashion to manipulation - so, ‘one size fits 
all’ doesn’t totally apply - that said, fruiting spurs develop on two year old 
wood - if you remove all the 1 year old wood you push fruiting back a year - - 

When your trees were dug they lost a percentage of their roots - it’s generally 
appropriate to reduce the top to ‘balance’ the shoot/root ratio - 

Remove any limbs/twigs that are too low for your system - - and also any with 
poor crotch angles that cannot be compensated for by spreaders/tying/etc

Then it’s a matter of evaluation - is there a manipulation or would no 
manipulation result in blooming/fruiting spurs next year in the ‘sweet volume’ 
where you want to see fruit? - - here’s where the difference between Golden 
Delicious and Fuji (for example) is huge - Goldens will develop spurs on two 
year old wood near the trunk while Fuji is much less likely to - - managing 
these situations is why horticulturalists make the big $$$

Anyway - for a ‘one size fits all’ recommendation, after the above, remove the 
2-4 largest branches - consider bending the ones you leave if they reach into 
the next tree’s space or into the drive road - 

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> On Apr 3, 2017, at 9:58 AM, Doug Nelson <doug.nel...@nelsonmultimedia.com> 
> wrote:
> Good Morning,
> I am a new apple grower. I expanded my orchard from 500 trees to 5000 trees 
> this spring. Most of the 4500 new trees I have just finished planting are 
> still dormant.
> I am growing tall spindle on B9 and M9 root stocks on 5 wire trellis system. 
> Many of the trees have feathers that are too big for the tall spindle system.
> Should I do a late pruning of these branches that are too big while the 
> plants are still dormant or wait till next winter?
> The internet says conflicting things.  I think it would be smart to remove 
> branches so the trees dont waste a years growth. 
> I plan on notching these trees every 4th bud two weeks before full bloom. 
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> Doug Nelson
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