Two years ago I did an experiment where I did apply Amid-Thin at petal fall alone or followed by BA to Gala. Amid-Thin was used at a rate of 8 oz/100 gal. The Amid-Thin alone spray thinned modestly (not enough) but followed by BA the thinning was acceptable. The best thinning result was obtained when carbaryl was applied at petal fall followed by a 10 mm spray of carbaryl plus BA.



On 4/12/2017 10:35 PM, John Bruguiere wrote:

Anyone out there had any experience(positive or negative) using Amid Thin(NAD) at petal fall to help thin Gala prior to 8MM (using 6-ba then)? Mature trees, heavy bloom.

John Bruguiere

On 1/29/2017 10:27 PM, wrote:
Apple Croppers- Jon and I do try to keep a pretty hands off approach with regard to moderating this list.

We have only had to remove one person from the list in 24 years.

That being said, if you don't agree with someones post, there is the delete key. There is never a reason to get personal with another subscriber on our list.

I know many on this list may not always agree, but that is not unusual. We still share information.

Certainly most of you that know Jon Clements and I, know we often do not see eye to eye, but we do many great things together in spite of that :-)

This apple-crop list lasting 24 years is a tribute to that.

If someone has a real beef with a post or a person, please share you comment with Jon and I privately, as owners of the list. Otherwise hit delete, we do not want to be moderators.



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On Jan 29, 2017, at 5:30 PM, Jon Clements < <>> wrote:

Yea, we try to be pretty hands-off with apple-crop, and I have gotten a little lost in the thread this afternoon, but please let's not let this get out of hand. Last thing I want to be is a moderator...



On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 4:42 PM, Vincent Philion < <>> wrote:

    You are missing the point. There is plenty of room for
    expressing your political and religious views in other forums.

    “Discussion relating to all aspects of apple production from
    cultivar selection, tree growth and performance, rootstock
    development and testing to the development of sustainable
    production systems is welcome.”

    Vincent Philion, agr. M.Sc. IRDA.

    “an environment that once again values and rewards the
    entrepreneur”. Hopefully, there is room for the “environment” in
    your environment!

    Le 29 janv. 2017 à 16:28, Kurt W. Alstede
    < <>> a écrit :

    Hello Fellow Horticulturalists and Farmers,
    I debated whether I should opine or not…there seems to be so
    little tolerance these days for alternative view points.  Yet,
    to suggest that politics don’t influence our businesses and
    farms would be not only a mistake but also a disservice to our
    goal of helping and supporting one another who grow apples.
    What I can share with you with confidence as a full time family
    farm owner in New Jersey is that farming under the Obama
    administration was more difficult, more costly, and much more
    challenging than any other time in my 35 years of farming.  I
    have seen a steady increase in the direct costs associated with
    regulatory compliance as well as the amount of management time
    that I and my team spend simply making sure that our business
    can operate….none of which helps us grow a better apple for our
    customers.  We are only 10 days into the new administration and
    I can tell you that I look forward to the opportunity to
    advance our family business to the next generation in an
    environment that once again values and rewards the
    entrepreneur, hard work, rural values, and the risk that we all
    take each year as farmers.   I also look forward to a positive
    business environment that will allow us to expand our farm,
    purchase and preserve more farmland, employ more people, and
    stimulate the local economy.
    Simply stated….I am very excited!
    Best wishes for a successful growing season and may God Bless
    the United States of America.
    *Kurt W. Alstede*
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    Apple Crop
    Please keep "alternative facts" and politics out of this thread.

    Vincent Philion, agr., M.Sc.

    Le 29 janv. 2017 à 16:06, Hugh Thomas <
    <>> a écrit :

        The intended effect was to promote the idea that the right
        wing extremist Donald Trump was trying to suppress
        opposition voices. Contrast this to the fact that for years
        the fascist left has threatened any scientist that
        questions global warming. The death penalty has been called
        for many times. By the way, the idea:  “97% of scientists
        agree…” is just more fake news.
        On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 11:04 AM, Daniel Cooley
        < <>> wrote:
        Since journalists are among the most dishonest human beings
        on earth, we probably should all just stop paying attention
        to the news, and let the new administration get on with the
        important business of making America great again. No
        offense Con, but America first!
        But if you’re not inclined to stop paying attention, it
        turns out the USDA kerfuffle came about from an internal
        decision, not the White House. It strikes me as typical of
        ARS culture.


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