Kerik Cox at Cornell has done trials with this combination for cedar apple rust, summer fungal diseases, and fireblight and has had good results.

We started using the combination in our organic orchard last year and did not see any problems with fruit russeting. Kerik did caution me to use a high volume of water to avoid toxicity from the copper (100 gallons per acre vs our normal 50 in our high density orchard). We have used 2 qts/acre Cueva + 2 lbs/acre 2ble nickel.

Kerik also suggested that the 2ble nickel might be unnecessary and that cueva alone might be sufficient, but that may be theoretical at this point. The 2ble nickel does add a lot of cost.


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On 5/1/2017 6:43 AM, maurice tougas wrote:
A couple years ago I recall discussion regarding the use of Cueva/Double Nickel combination as an alternative and/or rotation with strep for fireblight management. Is anyone aware of further research regarding this combination esp as to regards to crop safety and efficacy ?

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