I use Aim for weeds and suckers. It’s actually labeled for use on young suckers 
in apple trees.

Sucker Management
Aim EC is effective as an aid in the management of undesirable sucker
growth from the base of the trunks or root sprouts. Apply Aim EC at 2.0
fl. ozs. (0.031 pound active ingredient) per acre. Suckers and other
undesirable growth must be treated when the tissue is young and not
mature and/or hardened off. Care must be taken not to allow spray
mist to contact desirable fruit, foliage or green stem tissue (see
Hooded Sprayer Application

Mike Belco

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Thanks Mosbah,

That's a good list.

I am concerned about hitting root suckers with herbicides and impacting the 
tree.   Is there a recommended herbicide that will not be translocated and burn 
off the leaves of the suckers?   Then follow later with an application of a 
more effective herbicide.

-'//es Cherry
Dragon's Head Cider
Vashon Island, Wa US

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Doug: Here is a good list of herbicides and when to apply them. 
there are a few that you may be able to use.. (for example Gromaxone, Rely, 
Fusilade, Post) read the label, but a hooded sprayer and protection of the tree 
trunk are highly encouraged.

Mosbah Kushad, University of Illinois

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I have a new tall spindle orchard planted in an alfalfa field this spring.  I 
did not realize how much work it would be to mechanically weed the orchard. All 
the orchards I have visited have told me not to use herbicides for the first 
year on newly planted trees. There is a conventional nursery across the street 
that uses barrier on new trees.

Does anyone have a herbicide they are using on new trees or stick to mechanical?

Doug Nelson
Nelson Multimedia Inc.
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