Once a flower opens, it needs to get contaminated by an insect and then the 
population needs to multiply to 100,000 before wetting, otherwise the infection 
is a dud.

That takes 36 hrs when the conditions are perfect for the bacteria (28°C, 
82°F), and considerably longer when the temperature is cooler.

In other words, spraying the day before the infection is never a problem.

In most (if not all) scenarios, sprays every 48 hours covers all the risk.

Of course, longer intervals are quite sufficient when the temperature is 
cooler. Optimizing spray frequency was our goal when we designed RIMpro.


Le 21 mai 2017 à 15:52, Arthur Kelly 
<kellyorcha...@gmail.com<mailto:kellyorcha...@gmail.com>> a écrit :

Thanks, I was more wondering how close to try and get to the infection period 
due sometime tomorrow morning.  We are mostly
in bloom with some varieties nearly complete petal fall and others (honeycrisp) 
at full bloom.  There are very few flowers still to open and I expect that this 
will be the only strep spray necessary.  The forecast is slight chance of 
showers daily going forward.

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