My guess is that it’s not so much the heat as the humidity, Kevin. I think when 
you get as dry as it gets in Riverside on a hot day, it may indeed kill off the 
epiphytic bacteria, and make further transmission difficult. Today and tomorrow 
it looks like your dewpoint is 47 to 52 F (8 to 11 Vincent), and RH dips to 
nearly 20%!  Perhaps the heat/water stress also stops progress in infected 


> On May 22, 2017, at 12:36 PM, Vincent Philion <> 
> wrote:
> Hi!
> it would be interesting to define “cool” in the southern California context. 
> ;-)
> Temperature in the mid-90 (35 ℃ for the rest of the planet) (or more) clearly 
> isn’t favorable for blight. Flowers age faster at that temperature, while the 
> bacteria is slowed down.
> Plus, if the trees are under water stress the bacteria can’t progress 
> normally.
> Your “cool” is our “warm” and that’s why we struggle with FB, but also scab 
> and CM.
> Vincent
>> Le 22 mai 2017 à 00:29, a écrit :
>> A long, cool spring here in Southern California allowed quite a few FB
>> strikes, three days in the low to mid-90's stopped it in its tracks. 
>> Formerly limp shoots with sticky ooze and now crispy and dry, and pruned
>> stumps do not get re-infection.  That's all I'll see of it until next
>> spring, weeks of 100+ weather and 5% humidity sees to that.  Unfortunately
>> it doesn't slow down the CM a bit, which is my next nemesis on the
>> calendar.
>> Kevin Hauser
>> Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery
>> Riverside, California
>> Nakifuma, Uganda
>> On Mon, 22 May 2017 02:45:06 +0000 (UTC), lee elliott <>
>> wrote:
>>> For the first year ever I havent seen any FB here is western Illinois,
>>> could it be th 86 degree days we had burned it out, I believe FB burns
>> out
>>> after a few hot days, some dont believe this but experience has taught
>> me
>>> it is true, Shoot bligt and root sucker blight has allways been a
>> problem,
>>> I am sceptical that these antobiotic sprays work at all, only good for
>> the
>>> blooms and chemical dealers, Copper does work well on young hursery and
>>> non-bearing trees that get shoot blight where your not woried about
>> fruit
>>> finish, My person opiniion, low soil levels of copper, (do a leaf
>> anayisis)
>>> make the tree stressed and contribute to FB. Just my 2 cents worth, Lee
>>> Elliott, Upstart Nursery, Winchester Illinois
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