SWD has been found in intact peaches in NY this year. Infestation levels are 
low. Growers are using insecticides. I have sampled 10 varieties. Sampled 
prunes this week; nothing found with salt float, now waiting rearing results. 
Sampling one peach variety after harvest was completed showed the level of 
infestation went up as the variety softened on the tree.
I sampled intact peach drops some years back and found about 1/3 of the 
Drosophila reared out were SWD.
SWD was early and very bad in NY. Tart cherries significantly affected on at 
least 3 farms.
Juliet Carroll
Cornell University

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Case in Maine that appears to be SWD attack on intact peaches without splits or 
other prior wounds.  These peaches were ripening on the tree but not over-ripe 
and no splits etc. for easy drosophila oviposition without having to cut 
through skin.  Until now it seemed that SWD could only lay eggs in peaches with 
pre-existing wound.  Have other folks seen SWD infestation of intact peaches?

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