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We are well aware of the quality impact of extreme cold weather on apples in 
terms of long term storage, quality, etc.  We are facing low temperatures in 
Northwest NJ of 17 degrees F on Friday night surrounded by 27 on Thursday 
evening and 25 on Saturday evening.  Daytime highs on Friday are expected to be 
only 34 and on Saturday 41.  We would love to be able to maintain some apples 
on our trees until Thanksgiving for PYO uses only.  Do any of you have any 
experience with this?  Will the apples maintain a sufficient amount of quality 
to be able to be marketed to a rather non discriminating PYO cliental following 
the freeze event with the expectation that the apples will be used quickly for 
fresh use and not stored?  Are these apples suitable for cider?

I appreciate your insight into this question.

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