Kurt- Apples will begin freezing at about 28F- if the event is 4 hours or 
longer significant damage will occur.

Fruit that experienced only a mild (~28°F or above) freeze of short duration 
(less than 4 hours) may recover and be perfectly salable, but should not be 
considered candidates for long-term storage. If this is the case, wait until 
the fruit thaws out the next day before harvesting.

Note: Temperatures in the low 20’s and teens will make the fruit unsalable.
I have been guiding the growers I work with in NJ, NY and PA to have all fruit 
harvested by Friday pm if they wish to sell it.

See Penn State- https://extension.psu.edu/handling-of-frozen-apples
and Extension- https://ask.extension.org/questions/157126

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> On Nov 8, 2017, at 3:53 PM, Kurt Alstede <k...@alstedefarms.com> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Growers,
> We are well aware of the quality impact of extreme cold weather on apples in 
> terms of long term storage, quality, etc.  We are facing low temperatures in 
> Northwest NJ of 17 degrees F on Friday night surrounded by 27 on Thursday 
> evening and 25 on Saturday evening.  Daytime highs on Friday are expected to 
> be only 34 and on Saturday 41.  We would love to be able to maintain some 
> apples on our trees until Thanksgiving for PYO uses only.  Do any of you have 
> any experience with this?  Will the apples maintain a sufficient amount of 
> quality to be able to be marketed to a rather non discriminating PYO cliental 
> following the freeze event with the expectation that the apples will be used 
> quickly for fresh use and not stored?  Are these apples suitable for cider?
> I appreciate your insight into this question.
> Best Regards,
> Kurt  
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