For the last two years, the IPM Institute has offered a monthly planning
calendar to apple growers in the Upper Midwest designed to identify, plan
and implement IPM and other pest management activities on the farm.  We now
want to offer our Apple A Day IPM calendar to growers in all regions and in
2019 begin using photo's submitted by growers from all around the United


The 2018 Apple A Day IPM Calendar features large, full-color photos
submitted by growers which include the people, landscapes, ecology and
events of our local orchards.  Descriptions of important crop and pest
phenology are listed for each month. These stories and photographs offer a
fun way to plan your year and share the story of growing apples with your
employees, friends, family or valued customers.  Visit the link below for a
preview of this year's calendar.


We are working with a local printing company and this professionally
printed, full color, wall calendar will be ready to ship by mid-December.


Please place your order by December 14 to ensure arrival by the start of the
New Year. We also invite you to forward this email on to any other
orchardists who might be interested.


Please click the link below to place your order. All orders will be
processed electronically. If you are having trouble placing an order please
call Thomas Bernard, (224) 629-7132 or email
<mailto:tbern...@ipminstitute.org> tbern...@ipminstitute.org.  Thank you!


Apple A Day IPM Calendar





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