Greetings Apple Growers:

How do I know it's almost time for spring? Certainly not the Punxsutawney Phil 
groundhog/shadow deal. First off, the idea of a rodent seeing his shadow 
meaning there is another six dark weeks of winter has never made any sense to 
me. Sunshine should be a sign of spring, not more winter.

Besides that, I raised two kids in California's San Joaquin Valley. How in the 
world did I explain to them when mid-February rolled around that we'd have to 
wait another month for spring because two weeks earlier a groundhog nearly 
3,000 miles away predicted an extended winter? I didn't. First, my kids aren't 
stupid. Second, that's a pretty tough sell because most years that's right 
around peak almond bloom and there are flowers everywhere.

No, I know a far more reliable way, when Cornell University Professor and Tree 
Fruit Entomologist Art Agnello emails the first volume of "Scaffolds" of the 
year to everyone on this apple-crop list. He issued Volume 27, Issue 1, 
yesterday, so it's time for me to make my annual request of you.

Please take a few minutes and nominate a worthy apple grower today. We all know 
it's a worthy avocation/profession. (The first word doesn't sound serious, but 
the second sounds like too much work!) I can't tell you how much the award 
means to growers.

I've heard talkative men who upon being named suddenly find it tough to speak. 
And I've seen another who couldn't speak at all for a couple moments; he just 
let a few tears trickle down his cheeks.

So please, take a few minutes, click here 
 and let's honor someone who truly deserves it. In this world too-full of 
phonies, at least we know we can come up with a few apple growers who are the 
real deal.

Best Regards/Dave

David Eddy| Editor
Meister Media Worldwide<> | American/Western Fruit 
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Modesto, CA 95355-1356 USA
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