Hello Steve,

As a fellow "Aggie" I am pleased to see your recognition of the passing of Dr. 
Feldstein and the impact that he had on your education at Del Val.  I graduated 
from there in 1985 with a degree in Horticulture and while he was President at 
the time, he still made time to teach our Commercial Fruit Production class 
lectures.  We hold annual alumni functions at our farm each year and as 
recently as four years ago "Josh" joined all of us and shared some 
inspirational remarks about the future of production agriculture and its place 
in a growing world population.  Your are correct...he will be missed.

Be sure to place April 3, 2019 on your calendar and stop out here in the Garden 
State for some great food and fellowship with your fellow Aggies next year.

Also, proud that our oldest will be attending Delaware Valley University to 
major in Agricultural Business with a concentration in crop production next 
fall.  It is a little bit more expensive than when I was there!



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Greetings all,
I have noted the death of Dr. Joshua Feldstein last month in Doylestown, Pa.  
During my college time at Delaware Valley College (now University) Dr. 
Feldstein was the chair of the Horticulture Department and professor in that 
department.  I look back on those years (mid 1960's) and give "Josh" the credit 
for the vocation I have been privileged to be part of since the day I graduated 
and joined my father growing apples in Wisconsin.
The honesty, integrity and education that Dr. Feldstein imparted to me over the 
years has served me well.  And his memory is an important part of my life 
today.  May God bless you.
Steve Wood '68
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