It could be Marssonina leaf blotch, which has been appearing in orchards this 
time of year – we first identified this in Pennsylvania last September and I’m 
aware of incidences in NY, NJ, and CT.  It’s rearing its head again this 
season, most likely due to the feet of rain we have received since July.  I 
recently wrote an article for PSU’s Fruit Times:

Moral of the story:  treat it like you would deal with apple scab.  Sanitation 
will be key keeping this disease in check year to year.

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Yup seeing same here. No captan or phosphorous . Goldens but I don't recall 
seeing on Jonagold. Ill check.

Mo Tougas

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The photo below, taken yesterday in my orchard, shows a Jonagold tree among 
other Jonagold trees that
are dropping leaves.  Severity varies from few to many leaves showing the spots 
and leaf-drop on different trees.
Similar, but less severe symptoms appear in other varieties that have yellow 
delicious in their heritage.  I suspect
it to be a fungal infection, because the spots appear on green leaves, which 
then turn yellow and drop.  Frequent
captan plus phosphorous acid sprays have been applied for sooty blotch in 
recent weeks because of frequent rains
and and infrequent appearances of the sun.

I have seen similar, but less severe occurrences of the disorder in other 
years, but would like to hear whether
others are seeing it this year, or have knowledge of the causes and prevention.

David Kollas
Kollas Orchard
Connecticut, USA

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